Customized Valves

Every customers requirements will be considered. With a high degree of flexibility, each customers request, however minor it may be, can be implemented into the design immediately.
Only those who try the impossible will achieve the possible. With that in mind we can create something that hasn’t been created before and the result is incomparable with any other design.

Upon a specific customer request, we designed a valve that lost all visual similarities to our standard valve. This special design solved the customers problems and offered large savings in terms of throughput and down time saved large investments.

Vertical dryer equipped with a Segment Ball Valve as an outlet valve
In areas where high requirements are demanded in a production process, Segment Ball Valves are being used to enhance and shorten production processes.

The valves main qualities are especially apparent when a high quality Segment Ball Valve is in combination with a vacuum dryer. This combination will give an outstanding drying result that is realized due to the valve’s excellent vacuum tightness.

During discharge, opening and closing of the valve, the inflatable seal is completely protected from the product flow and moving segment, therefore minimizing seal abrasion. Whether for the pharmaceutical, chemical or food industry, the Ball Segment Valve is commonly utilized in these fields because of its durability and long service life. The Ball Segment Valve is also attractive for the “revamp/ overhaul market” because each valve is customized to meet individual specifications.